Thursday, 15 September 2016

How to Pick the Best Domain for a Blog or a Website

How to Pick the Best Domain for a Blog or a Website
By Sandeep Kumar Mishra

“Name brings fame, fame brings name”, your web address is your brand name. Your success very much depends on the perfect web address. It is same as the first difficult step of the child when he learns to walk.

Scanning a Domain Name?
Use following simple tricks-

Right Keywords
The key words are very important in ranking your site higher in search engines. If you can spent some money, it gets easy to get a desired domain but your creativity and market knowledge will help further.

Catchy Domain Name
There are so many web addresses; an easy and catchy domain name, may be unrelated like Google for example, will bring users to your website.

Accurate Size or Length  
The shorter and related to your niche would be of great help. The use of hyphens lessens the marked value and a double letters domain loses traffic to those of typos.

Use Related Extension
The extension of your site should tell about your entity. It may be an organization, a company, a web or an informative place, you should use “org”, ”com”,” web” and “info” respectively. But .com is a popular, easy and much used extension. People use it unconsciously. You might go for it.

Places to register a domain
Beware of the fake sites. First check their authenticity. Here are some popular and reputed web registrars-
1. I Page 
2. Name Cheap 
3. Go Daddy
4. Blue Host 
5. Host Gator
6. Register
7. Big Rock

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